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  1. Pepperidge farm remembers. Ah, the good old days. Before the young NDE Jr Whipper Snappers grew up and became casuals. We're working on the whole becoming active thing, just no game good enough to start up a clan with more than 6 people in at this point. We're open to ideas though. I'll swing by TS more often, we should probably consider swapping to discord though. - Jp
  2. Still too much computer for you - Jp
  3. That's too much machine for you Hellz. - Jp
  4. Soul! Let us know when you're going to hop on ts so we can have a party. It's been a while. You still talk to 33 or Sicness? - Jp
  5. Jp


    Happy New Year. Party In TS.
  6. What are you, a cop? - Jp
  7. Hmm, they're using OW mod right? Why don't we just make a similar better running server so people can stop dealing with nonsense. - Jp
  8. How many people still play in 82nd? - Jp
  9. Just need server specifications guys. - Jp
  10. Blitz, going to play some Overwatch any time soon? I'm guessing you tried the cable since your PC is up and running? lol - Jp
  11. Sounds like excuses Killa. - Jp
  12. We Came Back, We Were Always Coming Back

  13. Wonder What's Next

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    2. Emjay
    3. Jp


      Blah, Blah, Canada, Mooses, Igloos, Maple Syrup, Blah, Blah. What now Canada?

    4. Emjay


      did you know that if you go to the falls on the American side, you cannot even see the falls! ha you guys suck! you got nothing!! but they are pretty from the Canadian side. you should almost have a video camera that projects the falls image on a screen facing your county so you can see how pretty they are all the time :P- just sayin.

  14. Jp


    Old meng, old. Now drink some whiskey. - Jp
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