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  1. I'll watch while eating popcorn
  2. How's it going Soul... it's Seal if you remember me at all! You should hop on our ts when you get some time!
  3. I'm still alive Hellz We are slowly making a comeback!
  4. I heard Hellz just got married (rumor started)
  5. Last year I did 30 gallon barrel full of tannerite I was a little too close for that!!! This year... uh a friend of mine.... has acquired some det cord that we're going to put around some dying trees. Should be a good time!
  6. What is everyone's favorite movies to watch?
  7. JustTheZ


    Yeah man! Cool kid birthdays are in April
  8. I see what you're trying to do there... get us to look at Yahoos stuff.
  9. Still the same... ts.neverdieeasy.com
  10. Wow Dogger, what a sell out
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