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  2. MadMo

    MOH Revival

    spearhead.nde.gg [] That has been up for a long time. I know there are several people that would join you in the server if you wanted to hop in. Just message in the Discord https://discord.gg/X3W3tU and let them know you're down to play.
  3. Saint_Dog

    MOH Revival

    Hey, figured I would stop by and say what’s up, nice to see you guys still keep in touch with each other. I was bored and started looking at old moh tourney videos from back in the day. Was pretty damn fun playing in them. If by chance there is a server that goes up let me know, I’ll figure a way to get it on my computer again. my old clans.. esk, wts, KIB old name.. Saint_Dog ... or I guess I used spider loc when I was wts in the 2005 tourney video.
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