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  2. Wow, I remember the [501st] Clan really well. I remember quite a few of the names up above. I just spoke with Monty and Patterson not that long ago on TS. As much fun as I did have playing Medal of Honor back in the day it won't work on my present gaming pc for some reason. My husband made a shotgun mod for Spearhead. The dang thing could shoot like a sniper from one end of a map to the other end LOL NDE used it a few times for a couple of hours for a fun time. Here is the link for it if you ever want to use it: https://www.neverdieeasy.com/angelz/user-Ghost666RiderShotgun.zip
  3. Hello [501st]Bucc here, my clan from back in the day remembers playing with you and wanted to invite you to play with us. We are trying to build a community of old vets to play a few times a week together for fun. If anyone is still around feel free to jump on the discord with us. https://discord.gg/YXgUt8XZ To Download Medal of Honor: Allied Assault and it's expansion packs Spearhead and Breakthrough for FREE please visit http://mohaa.dynx.me/ SERVERS -:|TFR|:- All Weapons OBJ: [501st] Rifles Only FFA: Our current active roster so far is... -:[TFR]:- Shifty Hilts Honzee Jonesy Nocash [501st] Bucc Garnett Jankins Jones Lamb Malarky Painless Patterson Hodson Monty Spudnik Volcom
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