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  1. http://steamcommunity.com/id/elitesnipercorps/
  2. I cant send you a message on here Angel!!lololol anyways just letting you know i have not been in game all week,,,,been busy i got your message on steam. Hopefully this weekend ill be on to shoot you all!!!!
  3. Blackrose


    i like to play with diff stuff,,these very clean and simple hahaha
  4. Blackrose


    I would love to make you a banner for forums if you are going to have one.I love to do this stuff. Just something made up in a few minetes
  5. i did stop bye and someone put us in an old lady channel!!!HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA
  6. yes and Cyco asked me for it as wel,,ive known here for some time
  7. stopping by to say hello!!!
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