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  1. Every year I drive to South Carolina and buy mine to put on a little show at home. This year I didn't get to since I went to a party my uncle in Maryland put on. No regrets, I had a blast! I think the most memorable close call I had was when the mortar fell over and shot a firework right into the road or ya know...putting the ball in the mortar upside down..that was fun.
  2. Optical

    MOH Revival

    Let's all take shots and play moh LOL
  3. Every single human being in this world has the right to live the way they choose to and should be respected. As long as they aren't causing any harm to another person. That's my philosophy
  4. Steam: Cky2k123 Battlenet: Maven#1412
  5. Optical


    Today is the day!
  6. Thought this might be useful for some
  7. Optical


    This game is friggin' awesome!
  8. Hmmm...Think this could mean they're seeing a drop on CoD sales?
  9. For some reason I was thinking this was going to be a thread about Bones_Jones
  10. Yup, stupid shit. will most likely get vetoed but still...the fact that it even made it to the table.. I like how the bill says it's only for suspected terrorists and not for american citizens, but then at the end it say it can apply to american citizens "if we want it to" When are more people gonna wake up
  11. bitch betta have my honey

    1. Sadik


      bitch betta, your talking about the fish right?

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