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  1. Emjay


    The chat box doesn’t let me comment or whatever ....it just glitches. I blame it on JPs crappy webbing or apple products “who knows” but just stopped in to say hi! Mostly because I can’t sleep and I feel it would be inappropriate to start texting my friends at 4:30 in the morning. Or mostly because I do it so often they probably need a break. So hiiiii ☺️
  2. Emjay


    P.s I also just seen that slow burn. I say slow because I just read it today. Lawl @Dogger
  3. Emjay


    Lol I was confused why this thread was showing. Interesting read.
  4. & this is why I still do my random check ins on this forum. A little late but still! Blast from the past! Congrats on the marriage!! August is the best month to get married! Just saying <3 Did this TS party reunion already happen? Did I miss it ?
  5. I am just posting here because I want to be included in the conversation, I also need a video card. One that will go into my invisible computer LOL
  6. I hate the fire works because they dont just do them on the holiday they do thrm every day of the weekend. Eff u ppl that keep people up past 1130 when some work the next day. Efff u people
  7. I thought HarryWeezer post was funny. I elle oh elle'd. I would have just pm'd an admin right away instead of posting on their forums. At least we don't have nor keep cheaters up in hurrrr
  8. I am pretty sure I am going to go to staples Monday on my lunch to look to see if ours has that desk. totally! I wish I knew this today. =(
  9. Love the set up and LOVE that desk!! Where did u get it?
  10. Omg. I am so happy you responded! Glad to hear you are okay!! Let me know if you need anything!! (Cant answer ur questions because i am not techy smart)
  11. Emjay


    Blitz, I didn't "lose the title" but I do not care to have it anymore either, I just haven't thought of something else to change it to, just YET
  12. Emjay


    Ooooooo youre gettig old. Happpy bday
  13. Emjay

    The Division

    sorry I had to
  14. Emjay

    The Division

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