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  1. MadMo

    MOH Revival

    spearhead.nde.gg [] That has been up for a long time. I know there are several people that would join you in the server if you wanted to hop in. Just message in the Discord https://discord.gg/X3W3tU and let them know you're down to play.
  2. On occasion a few of us get on Discord and remember the good old days together! Feel free to join us! https://discord.gg/sNn7jy
  3. MadMo


    Heyo!! Congrats on the bun in the oven! <3
  4. Welcome Welcome! Glad to have you stop by, and also glad that you and Angelz hit it off. Feel free to hop in Discord at any time ( https://discord.gg/3UxKsZb ) I'm kind of slacking on getting into TS anymore, but I'm generally online in Discord and just a pm away.
  5. I'll recruit. lol I have some friends that will join.
  6. MadMo

    Destiny 2 - PC

    I might be getting it as well. A guy I mod for on Twitch said he will buy me any game I want, and I may just tell him that I want Destiny 2. I'll see how much everyone likes it first. lol =P
  7. OW and PUBG, which you know, because I told you already =P I think everyone would enjoy PUBG more than OW, personally.
  8. You can buy me one too. =D lawl
  9. Thank you! I think she's the cutest little thing in the whole world! =D
  10. Thank you! I'm so excited!!! =D I mean it's not like she's my first niece or anything...she's the 4th lol But I'm super excited about it anyway! =P
  11. Tessah Lee Martin 21 1/2 inches and 7 lb. 5 oz. Love her already! video-1467944279.mp4
  12. I'll definitely be praying for him =[
  13. MadMo


    It's definitely a fun game, and that's saying a lot, because I'm hard to please when it comes to games. =P
  14. MadMo

    The Division

    Hmm Doesn't sound too bad...I guess the only thing to do is try it out and see if I like it. lol Thanks for all that information on the game, it really helps. =]
  15. MadMo

    The Division

    I wouldn't be willing to play pvp in that sort of game then, I don't think. If I have to work my butt off to get items, I refuse to lose them to better players (because...there will be better players). I'm like that in Ark. I have to work hard to get all my stuff, and so I refuse to play in pvp. I stick to pve only. However, I am not against other people playing games they like. I'm just saying that personally, it doesn't sound like I'll be playing it, or if I do, it won't be in pvp.
  16. MadMo

    The Division

    See Z! There are addicts in other games too! lol And besides I'm sure you're addicted to some game...and if not, you should be, for shame! lol
  17. MadMo

    The Division

    I'd definitely be willing to give it a try! I didn't think I would like Ark at first, and now I'm super addicted.
  18. MadMo

    The Division

    I watched some videos of it...the guy commentating said that people are bullet sponges....takes forever to get anyone down and when you do, you have to make sure you get everyone down or they will revive each other, and then the whole process is very long and drawn out. I wasn't a fan of what I saw. =[
  19. I got it when I was emailed about it being free lol
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