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  1. Thanks for the welcome --- great to find kindred gaming spirits!
  2. Just wanted to drop by and say Hi from Myself and the {WeB}*clan* met the charming Angelz over at the Hell Let Loose forums and thought it would be a good idea to Introduce myself formally. Co-founder of WEB 15 or so years ago with {WeB}*Gangsta* like you guys been on the warpath to oust cheating from the games we play. found a kindred spirit with Angelz and thought that further down the line we could perhaps play the new game as we have similar voews on gaming. We have the luxury of a number of mappers and modders involved so we could also and would be interested in colaberating to make mods and maps. 53 going on 19 still love gaming and having fun whilst doing so... any questions please feel free to ask... All the very Best Dogster
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