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Anyone Know Anything About Flash Drives?


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I have a Kingston DT310 256gb flash drive, however for some reason it starts writing to it at around 90mbps, then goes to a crashing halt to around 756kbps, then goes to 3.0mbps-512kbs for awhile before it completely stalls out again...

It works fine on my laptop doing around 10mbps (for the most part) but not on the windows 7 computer... I've looked the internet for a few days and havent been able to find anything related to windows 7, its all about vista and xp...

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Actually this is back up for discussion... I thought it was the flash drive, but apparently its not... Does anyone have any ideas about why its working so shitty? I looked for drivers, bios updates, but everything seems to be up to date. It's starting to get annoying since it takes about an hour to do 500-750 mbs...

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