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my ipod is messed up


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It started after I plugged it in my friends ps3 to see if i could play my music through it. We ended up figuring it out and we somehow ended up watching fear and loathing in las vegas from my ipod. well after the movie i get rdy to leave and then notice that my backlight does not come on. well now i seem to somehow make the screen not work..it doesn't come on, but i can still hear the options turning and stuff when i move the wheel thing, did my screen possibly die out or something?

When i go to reset it with the middle button and menu button i don't see the apple logo.


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you may have damaged it by unplugging it "hot" from the USB. I read

somewhere that sometimes trying to reset it serveral times may work.

You can always have the screen or backlight replaced but I wouldnt know

how you go about doing that but ppl have done it.

If that doesnt work you can always use the ol' "beat it with a hammer" method :P

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Yeah i agre with euth it might have been when you unplugged it. did you disconnect it safely? by clicking the disconnect button first before unplugging.

Anyways, try resetting it many times if that does work then try pluggin it in again and see if it lights up. Hmm ipods are tricky things lol

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