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Hey guys!


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So a few years ago, I played Spearhead all the time as <(ScK)>Slngsht and sometimes came to the NDE servers. I have since retired from that game and moved on to TF2. (I'd come back to it, but unfortunately, current hardware won't run the game)

So I was doing a server scan the other day, and the NDE server stood out to me, because in the past, I'd always had the NDE spearhead servers on my favorites list. Overjoyed, I added it to my favorites list and wanted to come post to say welcome to tf2. It's wonderful to see a familiar clan tag from my gaming past.

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Thanks. steam name slngsht. yeah. i'm original. I use it for everything. :P I didn't know you guys quit spearhead, you all were hardcore into it when i played. The last time I actually was able to play, I had upgraded from a CRT doing 120hz to 60hz on an LCD with an unsupported resolution and it was unplayable versus what I had been used to.

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