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    Hey guys!

    Thanks. steam name slngsht. yeah. i'm original. I use it for everything. I didn't know you guys quit spearhead, you all were hardcore into it when i played. The last time I actually was able to play, I had upgraded from a CRT doing 120hz to 60hz on an LCD with an unsupported resolution and it was unplayable versus what I had been used to.
  2. Never heard of VCC before, but the only way I've ever seen USB powered was off the motherboard. The 5v goes into the board via the main power connector.
  3. So a few years ago, I played Spearhead all the time as <(ScK)>Slngsht and sometimes came to the NDE servers. I have since retired from that game and moved on to TF2. (I'd come back to it, but unfortunately, current hardware won't run the game) So I was doing a server scan the other day, and the NDE server stood out to me, because in the past, I'd always had the NDE spearhead servers on my favorites list. Overjoyed, I added it to my favorites list and wanted to come post to say welcome to tf2. It's wonderful to see a familiar clan tag from my gaming past.
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