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As i write this post, i know that some of you will not recognize or remember who i am, don't worry I  will quickly remind you. I was the annoying 8-10 year old kid with the screeching voice whom begged every day to become part of the scrim team in spearhead. Every day, I reminiscence of the time playing with some of the greatest and most kind-hearted people I've ever met. After looking at the forums, I want to reconnect with many of you. I know this may sound cheesy, but i truly do miss each of you. Through the years of playing MOHAAS, i have met some extraordinary people whom have consistently impacted my life. Presently, i am 22 years old, graduated from Louisiana State University (LSU) in Industrial Engineering. Every once in a while i joined the TeamSpeak but rarely see anyone on. I am not writing this for attention, but merely to reconnect with some of the the old members whom i have not had the chance of talking to in a long while. I understand that many of you are a lot older and do not have as much time as you previously had. All i ask is that if you do remember me, that you would respond to this post and atleast respond with an email if you cannot join the teamspeak.



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Of course I remember you, and I'm positive that most of us who are still around do as well.  A while back we talked on TS when I was on.   Congrats on graduating college!  You can donate to the clan now that you're an engineer baller B)


Here's my email: kib_dogger@hotmail.com  - the same Email I've always had :) 


I stop by TS from time to time, but don't expect it to be like it was until we can reassemble again. No big deal, we'll rise again even if its short order on COD WW2, Destiny 2, or whatever.  JP and I had a few conversations about it, so we'll see. 


Are you on steam?  If so, here's our page: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/ClanNDE 

If you play any Blizzard games, add me: Jinx#1478


Take care bud. 




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You know for a fact I remember you!!! You have come on ts when I am on and we have talked.


You were NDE youngest member ever. You were not annoying. You were more mature than most of the teens playing at that time.


Join the NDE Steam Group. My steam is Sh0tUdeaD.


I am not on ts as much but if you let me know when your coming on I will come on.


My email is: angelz@neverdieeasy.com

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Pepperidge farm remembers.

Ah, the good old days.


Before the young NDE Jr Whipper Snappers grew up and became casuals.


We're working on the whole becoming active thing, just no game good enough to start up a clan with more than 6 people in at this point. We're open to ideas though.

I'll swing by TS more often, we should probably consider swapping to discord though.


- Jp

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