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Services.exe Virus


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Is what I had. It went into my C drive and corrupted everything. :lol:

It ran in the background using all my memory is why I kept getting pop up boxes saying "your computer is low on memory", error messages and blue screen (major pc crash).

It only showed in windows task managerclick performance tab click resource monitor tabclick memory tabclick working set tablook to see how much memory services.exe is using.

I did everything I could to try and fix/remove it but failed and I had to wipe my pc. :)

When I used windows xp (years) I never used an anti virus program. Was never anywhere to catch anything. When I got windows 7 it never entered my head that I would need an anti virus program. I forgot that when execuass bill gates comes out with a new version of windows it makes hackers (<< asswipes) come out of the woodwork. So now I have my anti virus program installed.

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