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Spearhead Youtube videos


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Hey! I make videos about MOHAA, please check them out and like/share/subscribe if you liked it:D It is good if the game has youtube content. There is a video about downloading and installing MOHAA on win 10, if any of you or your friends interested in it.
Example video:

The newest video is in better quality than this but this was my first "normal" video.

More of my videos:

Thank you very much!:D

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Welcome to the forums Foxy. Hope you come back. How did you find us? Do we know you?


That was cool. Brought back memories of the MODS Clan server. I don't know if our spearhead is still up. I stopped playing it the day COD4 hit the shelf. Way too many cheaters back then. We do have the newest Warchest Download and some of us installed it to play one night. I forgot all the keys to play LOL umm what key opens the doors hahahahha


This link shows all our Tournaments and random clan demos that were made like a movie (pretty awesome) Click >>> Spearhead Demos

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Your good to go.


Do you have a server? Your welcome to post the ip. You never know who might read it and show up.


We do know peeps who still play it. Once in a blue moon some of us play it.


Do you have teamspeak? If so the server address is: ts.neverdieeasy.com


Your welcome to come in and talk to us.

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