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I have my tinfoil hat on right now as we speak....the Canadians winning gold in hockey is due to a device implanted inside the puck which when activated makes the puck unstable and unpredictable and more likely to score a goal on kick ass goalies like the US goalie that came from Michigan State University. This was evident in last year's NHL finals with the Penguins and once again in the olympics....the one common factor in both of those victories seems to be that dirty Canadian Crosby! I smell a conspiracy :!:

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Since the playoffs are coming up....let's take a trip back shall we?


USA owns Canada in NHL. Not to mention, the last 7 years since this thread, Canadian has still not won the cup. 


2016    Pittsburgh Penguins
2015    Chicago Blackhawks
2014    LA Kings
2013    Chicago Blackhawks
2012    LA Kings
2011    Boston Bruins
2010    Chicago Blackhawks


Go Pens!

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