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  1. Good post, sadly what the Dallas shooter did was the only thing that would force this subject to be looked at seriously, even though i don't agree with this type of violence at all.
  2. Blitzkrieg

    MOH Revival

    Rifles only MOH tell me when and i'll be there with the Scotch!
  3. Best fucking link in the history of the internet. Besides all porn links.
  4. Gonna be lots of work for housing, they are already advertising for workers to cleanup all the fire damage, cleaners probably wont be aloud in for another 2 weeks or so though. ya i started playing overwatch as soon as i got up and running jp lol missed most of the beta tho, gonna play a little more tonight
  5. I can feel the love! lol thanks MJ but i'm good for now, i had to buy a desk and chair to setup my computer at my brothers so at least i won't be bored out of my mind now, here is the beauty temp setup
  6. Thanks, i'm doing fine, down in Sherwood Park now outside of Edmonton staying at my brothers, far as i know my house is still standing and it might be a month or 2 months before we are aloud back to the city. A question i do have for you guys, i left my power cord for my tower back in Fort Mac, i have a HX 1050 watt power supply, it says 100 - 240V - 13A - 6.5A 50Hz - 60Hz, would the power cord from my BenQ lcd monitor be good to use on the power supply? on the cord it says 18awg and 300v so i think that is more than enough? I'm not sure, i don't wanna fuck anything up lol
  7. Blitzkrieg


    Your B-Day is 3 days after mine? i never knew this. At least my sober self never knew this. EDIT: PS. I thought the fake Princess was losing her title?
  8. Blitzkrieg

    The Division

    I should have clarified one thing, the stuff you have equipped you don't lose, you only lose what weapons and gear you find in the Dark Zone that's sitting in your Dark Zone backpack. It's just that if they have better shit equipped, you stand no chance at killing them to get your stolen backpack back. You have to get to a choppa and extract whats in your backpack, once its extracted then you can't lose it, what's in your Dark Zone backpack is not safe. Your equipped gear is safe. So if you find something good, get your team to run straight to a choppa to extract before asswipes kill you and take it.
  9. Blitzkrieg

    The Division

    I play it on PS4, currently level 30 story mode and level 32 Dark Zone mode. Enemies don't regenerate but the challenge missions (Daily Missions that give exotic loot) are very hard and take time because you need to be careful on how you proceed or you die easy, the better weapons and gear you get the easier it is to kill them. PvP mode in the Dark Zone is where other players can revive their teammates, 4 people in your team, you only go PvP if your group or the other group decides to kill each other and steal all the loot from each other, its called going rogue and if they have better weapons and gear then you, then you stand no chance at getting your loot back, thats the only part of the game i hate. That being said, i have ok gear and weapons right now, a couple of exotic pieces and i am losing interest in the grinding to get better gear (you grind in the dark zone to get the best stuff) but if you love a game that requires alot of grinding to get the best weapons & gear then you will love this game, its basically Destiny if you've played that. This is not a FPS game, yes you shoot guns and kill people, but its all about the long hours of grinding to get the best weapons and gear, and believe me it takes alot of hours.
  10. Look's like the Lord above blew a load.
  11. I agree, I honestly don't think Ben Affleck is "dark enough" to play Batman. i think he is going to blow this movie. but i do hope he proves me wrong.
  12. Updating the Important games and backing them up, updating Firmwares, Drivers ect.. time to get the ole gaming Comp in Tip Top shape!

  13. ugh, i haven't turned on my gaming comp in months. played some BF3 today! was actually fun again :)

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