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  1. Scott

    Long Time!!!

    Lol yeah lets just say its been a long road but trying to get another pc soon i miss pc gaming lol and talking to you guys on ts lol nothing can beat the good ole days lol
  2. Scott

    Long Time!!!

    How are all my fellow clan mates? Its been a long time lol!
  3. yeah i got a virus on my pc and was FORCED to go to the repair shop to get it fixed...... but i got it back and just gotta install everything again
  4. here is one for you goofy is that ketchup or did i just break you
  5. Hey guys srry i haven't been on just been to busy working and trying to get stuff done they got me working 6 days a week plus been busy tryin to further my welding skills which leaves me 0 time for my pc which SUCKS balls because the reason i got a new pc was to play GAMES!!!! Funny how things work out huh well i hope i get a chance to get on ts sometime so don't mark me off just yet ~~~~~~~~~!!!!
  6. I would have to go with Flash i like SPEEEEEEEEEEEEEED maybe taht why i am a pothead....... sometimes i just need to slow down!!!!!!
  7. well on this topic being a "console noob" xbox360 is junk Playstation 3 is better either way my point is everyone likes thereown stuff and everyone is going to saay stupid shit about anything just to start some more shit.... I am one of those shit talkers BUT i like BOTH console and PC call me a noob all you want and i'll just say this in return KISS MY ASS!!!!!!!!
  8. Damn its been awhile how you guys been DID YOU MISS ME!!!!
  9. hmmm dang its been awhile hows everyone doing
  10. yo iwasn't teh last one WOOOTY
  11. Scott


    o yeah for sure i will be back in a few months but i wo't be ale to play on keyboard nymore >_< i have to ue a controller haha
  12. sorry sarge but no one remembers you lol
  13. Scott


    man i can't help it i got a PS3 and not a computer once i get enough money i'll buy me a new pc prolly walmart brand lmao but i'll fix it up to own all you once more ps.... PEPPER GET A DAMN GAME ON PS3 so we can play damn boy give me something to do until i get a new PC ... PSS.... goofy dogger ANGELZ WHAT CRACKERS don't hate me dogger because i don't work at yahoo....
  14. I wonder if i got the right place dunno can anyone tell me i am LOST Hey guys been awhile hows everyone been doing????
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